Email Marketing

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Even in times of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the like we believe the benefit of using an email newsletter system are massive.

Sending personalised e-mails with regular updates such as company news and information regarding new products or services, catalog emails or press releases can significantly improve your Marketing strategies and help build your brand.

Our system offers you an in-expensive, simple and hassle free way to:

  • Create personalized e-mail campaigns using your branded theme
  • Send to one of your contact lists or schedule to send later and
  • View reports and track conversions

We saved the best for last: there are no sign-up or monthly fees, only pay when you send!

Want to know more? Contact us and ask us for the details of our demo account.

Want to start sending? Contact us to sign up for free. You can start sending immediately by using a plain text version. Or get us to design a re-usable custom template for you. A custom template starts at $660. This is a one off cost. If you like further templates they start from $180 only.