Update your browser, pleeeeaaaase!

Do you know which version of web browser you have installed on your computer?
And do you know how to find out if someone asks you?

As a web designer it is very frustrating to surrender to the fact that a lot of people do not know and do not even care! Why you should care? Well, security is one issue but having a nice browsing experience with all features working seamlessly on the sites you visit is certainly a nice thing too. And I do not mean added on browser functionality like inspectors, error consoles, extensions or web developer tools.

And why wouldn’t you try to keep your browser up to date? It is usually just one click away anyway.

Until you and millions of other people do, I will keep developing sites spending an enormous amount of time to test it in all major browsers to make sure it works.
After a glimpse at this website, I have decided one thing though – I won’t worry about Internet Explorer 6 any longer (IE 9 was released in March 2011).

Or are you keeping your browser up to date?

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Can social media change your business?

How can social networking can be an integral part of a company’s IT strategy?

In this interesting podcast Computer Weekly editor in chief Bryan Glick talked to BT chief scientist JP Rangaswami, formerly global CIO at Dresdner Kleinwort and CIO of BT Global Services.

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