Repost: Some thoughts on Search Engine Optimisation

We had posted this article regarding SEO a while ago, yet it still seems relevant considering the amount of questions we are getting from people who want to know how this all works. Therefore we are reposting an updated version here


Search engines have come a long way since the early days of the Internet. What would the world be without Google?  When was the last time you opened (yes, physically opened!) a Yellow Pages Directory? I don’t know about you but I rely on search engines every day.

So it seams very logical that all businesses owning a website are striving to have to be found on top of the search engine’s search results listing – or at least on the first 1-3 pages. And there are all sorts of providers on the market who promise to get you there.

We’d like to summarise the questions we get frequently asked on search engine optimisation. Continue reading “Repost: Some thoughts on Search Engine Optimisation”

New Chrome Extension to detect fake news on Facebook

Mashable 16 November 2016 – Facebook might not detect fake news, but this Chrome extension will.

As Facebook continues to roil over the idea that fake news on the social network could have had any effect on the U.S. presidential election, one Chrome extension is stepping in.

The “B.S. Detector” Chrome extension, a new project released on Tuesday, claims to identify and flag fake news online.

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Internet ‘beamed’ to the World

Mashable 27 March 2014 – Facebook plans to use drones, satellites and lasers to deliver Internet to the world.

After announcing last year, an initiative to improve Internet access across the globe, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the Connectivity Lab, a new team of scientists that has been working on the ambitious project.

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